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Bankruptcy and noncompetes in Colorado

Posted in Choice of Law
A recent decision from the Bankruptcy Court in Denver examines (and struggles with) some of the many issues that arise when a person subject to a noncompete files for bankruptcy. In In re Hruby, 2014 WL 2071997, Debtor had been employed by Midwest Motors, but quit and apparently took another job with a competitor and made sales to customers that… Continue Reading

The Importance of Venue Selection and Choice of Law Provisions

Posted in Choice of Law, Forum selection
A recent case, H&R Block v. Taxes Latino Americanos LLC, demonstrates the importance of venue selection and choice of law provisions.  Taxes Latino was a Colorado company that offered tax preparation services at five locations in Colorado, including an office on East Colfax in Aurora. In 2012, Taxes Latino sold the business to H&R Block. Pursuant… Continue Reading

Colorado law applied to enforce non-compete

Posted in Choice of Law
In a June 12, 2009 decision, Haggard v. Spine, Judge Arguello of the federal district court in Colorado ruled that Colorado law should be applied to determine the enforceability of a non-compete despite the parties’ agreement that Pennsylvania law should govern.  Consistent with Colorado’s choice-of-law rules,  Judge Arguello concluded that the law chosen by the parties would… Continue Reading