Recent efforts to bar noncompetes in Massachusetts have triggered a series of general interest articles about noncompetes.

Earlier this month, the New York Times ran a story about how “Noncompete Clauses Increasingly Pop Up in Array of Jobs” ( That article suggested that more employees were being asked to sign noncompetes and that noncompetes were being used in unexpected fields. The article began, for example, with an account of a camp counselor who was asked to sign a noncompete and included a story about a hairstylist who was unemployed for a year because he lost a court battle with his former employer over a noncompete.

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There has long been a debate about whether non-competes stifle the formation of new tech companies and inhibit the growth of a region’s economy.

This debate has been particularly heated in New England where several prominent members of the venture capital community have urged that non-competes should be abolished. Several panel discussions have been conducted in Boston