Non-solicitation clauses present a good example of the difficult issues raised by social media.   

Many employees, particularly salesmen, sign non-solicitation agreements. Those agreements often say nothing more than that the employee may not solicit the company’s customers for a designated period. (Other agreements bar the employee from performing any work for the company’s customers after the termination

Only a few published decisions have addressed the impact of social media on noncompetes and those decisions have come from states other than Colorado. There is little doubt, however, that social media will play a role in many noncompete disputes in the future. 

The existence of trade secrets is a key to many noncompete cases,

Hello. I’ve been busy for many months and have not made any new blog entries. Recently, however, there have been several signficant developments in the non-compete world. To begin the discussion again, I want to take a step back and look at some of the developments during the past year.

Last Spring, Colorado joined an